Friday, 5 October 2007

Grand Opening

The grand opening of the Curiosity Shoppe last night was great fun. So many people came--the shoppe was packed! Even Lauren and Derek's friend Todd Oldham came by to check it out.

A horseshoe above the door--a classic symbol of good luck.

Custom made chandelier (at least I think it was custom made--everything else in the shoppe was).

BATS! And lots of them. Handmade by Shawn Creeden.

More bats by Shawn Creeden.

Silhouette plates. My friend Carrie stuck a mustache on the boy plate. It looked so cute that someone wanted to buy just that one plate, even though the 4 silhouette plates come as a set.

The world's smallest whittling kit. And it is super small. The knife is about an inch long.

Crocheted octopus on a "book" shelf. I love those shelves.

More fun stuff, including chunky wood rings.

Custom built cabinets. They installed little lights in the inside of the cabinets so that the light peeks though the door holes. Also the interior rims of the door holes are painted a contrasting color. It's such a nice, subtle touch.

Todd Oldham. He's just as nice and laid back in person as you might imagine if you watched Top Design or House of Style back in the day.


Freshly Found said...

What a special evening. Lovely to see some of the goodies that were available! That "Book shelf" appeals to my sense of humour!

Lisa Wilson-The Pickled Hutch said...

Looks like I missed a fun event. Boo!