Monday, 8 October 2007

Flea Market Outing

Yesterday we went to the Alameda flea market. These pictures are just a very, very small sampling from this huge, monthly antique market. If you have the September 07 issue of Country Living, you'll find a good article on this great antique market. I could have spent a whole week there looking at everything. I wish my mom could have been with us. Maybe next time!

I would have liked this chair for my craft room, but it wasn't for sale. The vendor brought it from home to sit on it, but he said he could have sold it many times over.

Pretty painting inside an antique ceiling tile.

Lots of old crates. Great for all kinds of things, including projects like this.

Tubs and tubs of vintage handbags.
Random treasures.
Lady vase heads. Don't they look so cute all together? I would have liked to take all of them home.
More random treasures.
Large, old pendant lamps.
Among other things, old wire baskets, big "B" letters and two cute chairs--one yellow, one red.
I loved this white, rusty metal table. It makes me think of my French blogger friends and my mom, who will love this table too.
Antique restored phone. This vendor had a whole bunch of them. Andrew is on the lookout for an old phone. This one would have been perfect because it says "Andrew" in the center, which may be hard to see here. But the phone was $295. More than what he wants to spend on an old phone, even one with his name on it.
My flea market purchase. 4 bamboo chairs for $60 for our kitchen table. We've been using some plain, dark wood folding chairs for what seems to be forever. They were supposed to be temporary until I could find something else, but nothing really caught my eye (for what I wanted to spend) until yesterday. The seats are a cruddy vinyl so I'll recover them. I thought about painting the bamboo, but I don't want the chairs to look too new, and I like the natural color, so I may leave the bamboo alone. The more I look at the chairs, the more I like them!


michelle said...

Wow, that flea market looks like heaven! and your chairs are really super cute, what happened to the nice dinning room furniture you guys had when O and I had breakfast with you guys, a million years ago?

Freshly Found said...

What an exciting day! It must be very hard to choose just a few things from ALL that lovely stuff!

Leigh said...

Michelle, that furniture you remember came from my mom. She gave it to us to use, but it was fancier than I wanted and not a style I was crazy about. And I wanted a round table. So we gave that furniture back to my mom and she sold it.

The Hip Homemaker said...

I would die to spend the afternoon in a market like that. And then I would also be really broke. I love your chairs and I can't wait to see what you cover the seats with.

zee said...

Wow! Amazing chairs for $60! I'm so jealous!

I have a bamboo coffee table and mirror which I painted white a while ago and they look so much better now - really fresh and bold. Bamboo is a huge pain to paint though, so if you're thinking of it, I would get the chairs sprayed.