Friday, 28 September 2007

Vivre Boheme

I'm not sure what that means, but I think maybe Bohemian life or living? Whatever it means I'm excited about it! I came across this book from a French blog that I like, Esprit Boheme. Lately I've been drawn to a number of French blogs. I think they appeal to my sensibility more than a lot of the American design blogs I read. Too bad I don't speak French, but the pictures alone hold my attention. The pictures below are from a mail order store in the UK , Cox and Cox, that I also came across while looking at Esprit Boheme.

I love these pendant lights. They're so unusual looking and so pretty at the same time.

How cool is this wood flare? If we had a path leading to our place, or a yard at all, I'd get a few of these.

Cute little place card holder, bud vase combo.

Mercury glass tea lights.


LCerre said...

Vivre Boheme. I want it!

I must say, I've always wanted an old bathtub in the middle of a room.

happymarch said...

'vivre' means 'to live'. Yay for 4 semesters of french in college!