Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Victory Vintage

If you fancy mid-century finds, and you're in Atlanta, Victory Vintage (actually in Decatur right beside Atlanta) is the place for you. This is a wonderful shop filled with real, as in not reproduction, mid-century furniture and accessories. Lee, the owner, also carries a variety of other vintage pieces to help your place have that perfect vintage-meets-modern look: vintage lamps, maps, glassware, artwork, mobiles, and even real vintage paper on occasion. This is where I got the most incredible pile of vintage paper that I've ever seen. And she also carries my cards--another good reason to shop there! Here are a few things you'll find at Victory Vintage.
UPDATE: I just read my friend Michelle's blog and found out she bought this table shown in the middle picture!! Check out her blog to see it in its new home.
Images courtesy of Lee


michelle said...

Hehe, how cute. Yup, that table is great, O thinks it looks like a drum! How funny. Our place is coming along, I have curtain rods and fabric for curtains coming too, fun!

LauraB said...

Haha I was just about to comment that you should check out Michelle's blog and that I think she bought that table. That store look so cute, I want to visit it but I'm so far!