Thursday, 20 September 2007

My Amazon Bookstore

I'm so excited . . . I made a little Amazon bookstore that you can see on the right when you scroll down a bit. It was surprisingly easy to create. I think it's so nice to be able to put all my book picks via one link (rather than a long list) where you can read book info and reviews and order right from the link. I included one of my favorite books there: The Architecture of Happiness. Yeah, yeah you've seen this here before, I know, but I love this book. If the words architecture, design or home mean anything to you, you'd probably like this book. Out of those three, home means the most to me, so my favorite chapter is chapter 4, Ideals of Home, specifically the story under section #4. I have a preoccupation with the idea of home--what it means to feel at home in some places and not at all in others, why my home means so much to me (regardless of where I'm living at the time), why some people's homes don't seem to mean as much to them or reflect their life or interests, etc. This book touches on all those points, especially the story in chapter 4. It is a great read for sure.

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