Thursday, 23 August 2007

Better Homes and Gardens 1956

I visit The Pickled Hutch weekly, and while I was there yesterday I noticed a few 1950's Better Homes and Gardens magazines stashed behind the counter. I asked Lisa if I could look through them. It's amazing to me how deeply the mid-century trend has seeped into the current design aesthetic. I may as well have been looking at Domino magazine. A number of elements in the pictures still looked really dated such as wall to wall carpet in almost every living room, and hard, squared off valences above windows, etc. But for the most part every picture had elements that we see in almost any decorating magazine today. Here is one picture I especially liked. I really like the arrangement and style (or styles) of the pictures above the sofa. I think this was one of the more timeless looking pictures in the issue. I feel that its timelessness is mainly due to the varying styles of the pictures above the sofa. I think I will re-arrange my wall of ladies like this--in one big rectangle. I need a few more pictures to be able to create this shape, though, so I'll post a picture after I get a few more ladies. I'd also like to find some that vary more in style, maybe some that are pencil or ink drawings with light colored mats and more modern frames. We'll see how it turns out!

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