Found, Now Home is my way of sharing things I love and about my interests in general: shops I love, flea markets, food, traveling, decorating, sewing, photography, indie designers and their crafts, and exploring London and beyond with my wonderful husband, Andrew and our two little girls, Lois and Eleanor.

I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia but lived in San Francisco for a handful of years before moving to London, where we lived for 6 years, and now we're back in Atlanta. We couldn't I can't resist the lure of home sweet home--family, steamy summer nights, sweat tea and grits!

I've written for craft and vintage lifestyle magazines such as Mollie MakesPretty Nostalgic and 91 Magazine. My book, London Stitch and Knita guide to London's fabric, knitting and haberdashery shopswas published by Black Dog Publishing September 2015. For the book, I did the writing, photos, and styling and Ryn Frank provided the handwritten type and charming map illustrations. While the book includes illustrated maps, I've also created a Google Map of all the shops in the book, where I will update any changes to shop locations (or new openings or closures) should they arise. Feel free to use and print the map. Please send me an email if you'd like more examples of my writing. 

Photos on my blog are with one of three cameras: my iPhone using instagram, a Sony DSC-RX100, or with a Canon 7D using a few different lenses. For photos that accompany my writing, I always use the Canon 7D. At the bottom of each post I've tried to add a label noting which camera I've used for the photos in that post.

For inquires or just to say hello, write me at notesink@gmail.com.