Saturday, 1 August 2009

BYOB (and PP)

Today there was a cute sign at the farmer's market--it said, "BYOB, please. Bags .25¢." We normally bring our own bags, but today was a special day because I brought my very own bag that I made. My first ever tote bag, lined and with a pocket! I finished it this week along with Alicia's patchwork pillows that I started while we were at the beach. My bag is by no means perfect. If you looked closely, you'd be able to see lots of mistakes, including the handle that I sewed on twisted for the second time, which I still have to fix. But it's sort of like a first kiss to me--it doesn't matter if I didn't know what I was doing or if it ended up being a little sloppy--it's my first, and I'm so excited about it. Pillows are great, but a bag, it's extra special. You can, after all, carry stuff in it. It took me six hours (I know, that's a long time for a bag!), and I made lots of mistakes along the way, but the experience was so satisfying. Below are two pictures of my projects in the works while we were at the beach.

I love sewing lately. It's hard for me, though. For example, I've been trying to figure out how to make a french seam for dresses, and I thought my brain was going to turn inside out trying to figure it out. This video finally helped me understand it. Alicia has written a lot about sewing recently. If you have any interest in sewing at all, you should head over and read her posts here and here. If you want to learn to sew, those two posts will probably motivate you to get a machine asap. If you're an experienced sewer, you will relate and appreciate her experiences and insights.

My completed market tote bag! The pocket is dark blue denim, which looks really dark here, but it's actually blue.

And the patchwork pillows! This first one is for my sister. I decided to do pom pom trim instead of the cording just because I like pom poms.

This one is for Lois. It looks really cute in her room with little doll Lois, who I found at a flea (artwork by her cousin, Cash, and awesome ruffle pillow beside patchwork pillow by my aunt, Kay).

Next on the project list: more dresses, coming soon.


Alicia P. said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. I am so proud of you -- they are all just gorgeous and wonderful. xoxox

The Hip Homemaker said...

Your bags and your pillow look great! Kudos to you!

nath said...

Leigh! they're beautiful! well done!
i made a list this morning of clothes that need altering and mending, i really want to start sewing some more.

p.s. thanks for your email, i will reply - at length no doubt!


littlebyrd said...

Those pillows are so cute!!! You did a wonderful job on them. On you rmarket totte too!

KT said...

I love the tote. (and the pillows of course) It's so great that you are learning to sew. Sewing is one thing I never get tired of doing (and shopping). I also love the ruffle pillow. I will have to look at it more closely.
Such a cute arrangement on the bed.

Artemis Russell said...

Oh well done! these are simply beautiful and very tricky looking! I'd like to have a go at patchwork but I can never get the corners to meet up! definatley got the knack!