Friday, 9 January 2009

Lois's Room

Here are some pictures of Lois's room. (Sorry they're a little dark. This room doesn't get much light.) I've been meaning to post a few more pictures of her room for what seems like forever. I can't believe she's already 3 months old! I love her room and thought I better take a few pictures before she grows out of it. Before I know it she'll be a teenager and want to paint her walls black or something. I wonder what my nursery looked like.  I'll have to ask my mom.  I wonder if it looked anything like one of these retro rooms?  For Lois' room, though, it's all white with splashes of bright colors. I'm not crazy about pastel colors, which is why I avoided the usual pale baby colors for her room. Above is what you see when you look to the right once you're in the door. We got the daybed (which I love) and cubby style shelf from Ikea. To the right of the bed is a metal side table that I got at The Pickled Hutch and to the left is a green, metal spinning rack that my mom gave me, which now holds all of Lois' old books.

This is what you see when you first look in the room. We got her crib at Ikea, the Gulliver Crib, and the bedding is Tadpoles yellow gingham check from Target. And the heart blanket that I love is draped on the far side of the crib. Both the chifferobe dresser and the metal cart that I use for a changing table came from The Pickled Hutch.

You might remember the clothes above her bed . . . the birdie onesie is from Old Navy, my mom gave me the kitty cat apron and the thrid outfit came from a vintage clothes vendor at the Inman Park festival in Atlanta.

My nephews did the artwork above the daybed, and I bought the three frames for them at Ikea (one red, one yellow, one blue) .

One of the first party hats I made is on her dresser. This one I wore on my 31st birthday.

I love this tea towel I got at Anthropologie--I just use it on the top of her dresser because it's bright and like it so much.

A picture of me and my mom at the Inman Park festival a few years ago in our southern gal hats. (My mom hates this picture!)

The humpty lamp I got for $10 at the flea market.

A bus painting by Mose Tolliver.

My favorite thing in her room might be the curtains that I got at a consignment store called Carla's Clutter, which is now closed.

I use this metal cart for her changing table and have an old white metal basket and yellow wood tool cart to hold her diapers and supplies. I got them all at The Pickled Hutch.

Beside the bed is some mommy / baby reading with Mr. Hedgehog looking over things.

On the bed are a bunch of pillows and stuffies. My sister gave me the little lamb above. And my mom gave me the fun round pillow that's next to it.

My aunt made this ruffle pillow with Amy Butler fabric. She also made me some fantastic curtains with the same fabric--the only reason I don't use them in here is they were made to fit a shorter window.

I got this tulip and birdie pillow at a thrift store.

Inside each cubby in the shelf above the bed are fun knick knacks and books.

I got this fabric pocket wall hanging from Anthropologie. I'm not sure what it was intended for, but I use it for magazines.

One of many vintage books along with ABC blocks on the cute yellow nightstand table I got at Carla's Clutter.

And there you have it! The only things not shown here are two things that acually mean a lot to me--the vintage fabric lion that Alex gave me and an illustration that Michelle gave me. (It's hanging above the lamp next to the daybed. I took a few pictures of it, but none of them came out very good.)


Lisa & Alfie said...

Of course, you know I love it. It is great to see it put all together here. How are the books suspended in the cubbyholes?
Lisa & Alfie

Leigh said...

Hey Lisa, I used double sided mounting tape--a tape that I originally bought at the hardware store to help pictures stay in place on the wall.

M said...

What a great baby room! I love the colors and all the vintage touches. I'm sure your baby will grow up happy:)

Jessica Sutton said...

I absolutley love the round metal book holder - such a fantastic idea! great room (and blog)!