Saturday, 18 October 2008

Birth Announcements

Week one with Lois has been really great. We're pretty much tired all the time, but we were expecting that. Most days and nights she sleeps pretty well--that is for at least a few hours at a time. But often she's fussy and can't sleep. We're still just learning how to figure out what's wrong when she cries. Usually she either wants more food or is having digestion troubles. I should be napping while she naps, but instead I've been doing other things. One of those things is finishing her birth announcements.

Before she was born I started making her announcements, but I haven't finished with all of them. They are a little birdie ornament with vintage fabric on one side and felt on the other. On the backside there's a pocket that will hold her picture and a little announcement. I'm hoping people will use them for Christmas ornaments or something else after they get them. Tweet, tweet . . . Lois is here! Now, I just have to figure out which picture to use. This one is pretty cute.


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Leigh, she's absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy for you both! and your announcements are just perfect ~ I can see them even hanging on a door knob...enjoy the baby love, xxoo, Dawn

Lisa & Alfie said...

Hey kiddo,
I was going to check in tonight but this is better because I get to see Lois again. Glad to hear it is going well. I didn't want to call (afraid to wake you up in case you were catching up on sleep. I guess I know how that's going!) And yes, I WILL be using MY announcement/ornament come Christmas. No pressure.
Lisa & Alfie

Denise Kiggan said...

Congratulations! And what a great way to announce the special arrival!

Silver Bee said...

wahhhhh! ickle bitty fingers!

House Dreams said...

I'd wish you guys joy, but it sounds like you've got it, so I'll just wish for more.

She's gorgeous.
ATC'r Joelle

Ana said...

She's wonderful and so beautiful. Congratulations!

The announcements are fantastic.

Liebesbotschaft said...

Hi :-),
I'm a german girl reading your blog for some weeks, and now I can't hold back:
CONGRATULATIONS to your gorgeous, wunderfull little girl :-)!
A fantastic gift of God...

As for me, I have three of them (2 girls+ 1 boy)and enjoy them all the time (exept the times they are screaming or argueing with each other or beating each other or... ;-))!

You gonna be a wunderfull mumi - just the best one for your special girl!