Thursday, 20 December 2012

Asheville Scampin'

I've been trying to write some posts for a few days now, but it just doesn't seem right after the recent shootings in Connecticut. I've felt terribly sad for the victims and their families as most people have. I can only imagine how the victim's parents and their loved ones must feel, and it turns my stomach inside out. Eventually I hope they will find peace in their lives. It's a tragic reminder to me that we have a limited time on this planet and to make the most of it while we're here, and in that vein, I'll get back to blogging and tell you about our recent camping trip. 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ornament Making

Some of my favorite ornaments are ones my mom made from an old quilt. They are in the shape of bears and very cute. We've had them since I was very little. When I saw these on Pinterest, they reminded me of the little bears and I thought I'd try to make them. My mom had an old quilt top she bought for $1 (can you believe that?) and said I could cut it up. I've made a few trees and have some kitties in the works too. Good thing these are soft because our tree has fallen down twice! At least these won't break.