Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Lois celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago. We had a great day on her actual birthday. We made a cake, same as last year (a delicious cake!), went to her favorite candy shop, and she got a new haircut. Then on the weekend we had a fun party with some nursery school friends. I made a batch of party hats, which took about a week. They were just for a handful of kids, but they are time-consuming to make, and I'm a little out of practice making them. But I'm glad I did.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Birth Announcements Part 2

Here's an update to the birth announcements (hi Marilu! I know you wanted to see them finished). This is what the finished announcement looks like. The reason I was having so much trouble with my machine was I was using felt on the bottom and a lightweight cotton on top. Turns out most sewing machines sort of panic when you mix weights like that. So my sewing skills look horrid on the backside (also because I used grey thread on ivory felt), but I still think they are pretty cute. I love this Liberty fabric called Yoshi. It's charcoal grey with birds, bunnies, owls, deer, butterflies, and various trees and plants. It has a bit of color in places too. It's no longer on the Liberty web site, but you can see it here