Wednesday, 27 June 2012

We've Moved!

Last weekend we moved into our new place. Life moves fast, and I'm sorry I haven't been very good about updating my blog. But I love our new place, and I love the neighborhood, which is East Dulwich. I first learned about this area when I went to Le Chandelier to take photos and then Artemis reminded me of it when we started looking for a new place and I was looking for neighborhood suggestions. The neighborhood is cosy and very family friendly. It has some nice shops, great food choices, and some good junk shopping too. Above are some photos from the little Saturday street market here. I'm looking forward to exploring more and making our place homey. More soon from our new hood!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Maison d'être

Things have been a teensy bit stressful looking for an apartment again, but we did find one we like a lot (in London, that is! I know it's been a little confusing, but the timing for Paris did not work out, so we're back in London to stay). Right now we're in Islington, just until we can get into our new place, which is great. It's home to one of my favorite antique markets, the Camden Passage Market. There are also a number of independent shops and restaurants. One place I love, which my husband discovered, is Maison d'être. Their coffee is great, and the few things I've eaten there were great too. It's very cosy, and I love the way it's decorated--with mis-matched plates and cups, tables and chairs, and with fresh flowers on all the tables. I'm hoping to go there again this weekend.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Lise Meunier for 91Magazine

I'm very excited to have another article in the UK based 91Magazine! This might be my favorite issue yet.  It's really a wonderful magazine packed with wonderful articles and lovely photos on all things craft and vintage. Here's a peek at my article on Paris ceramicist Lise Meunier. You can read the full article here on p48. You can see more photos from my photoshoot of her work and home here.